This workshop will change your team forever! We are utilizing our peoples talent in ways we never imagined.
— Northwestern Mutual


What: Empathic Disruption is a 1-Day leadership development workshop where you'll learn how to embed empathy into your company's DNA. By sunset, you'll be able to transform conflict into disruptive innovation, i.e. translate diversity and contrast into competitive advantage.

Why: Low engagement and lack of trust are costing your company millions to billions in waste. MIT's research shows that teams who embed empathy into their DNA are 40% more likely to hit their goals. When we feel understood and valued, we engage, we trust. Empathy builds the bridge to sustainable and disruptive innovation.

How: Our research shows that smart people change through action. That's why we have created a hands-on model for practical game changers. This workshop is for companies who want to develop leaders emotional intelligence while solving real problems and building trust simultaneously.


LISTEN: You start by selecting tough problem to explore by lowering the water line through empathically listening and innovated inquiry.

CLARIFY: Then you define what a transformational solution would look like for each stakeholder, why solving the problem matters, and what are the obstacles.

CREATE: Next, you use the empathic disruption framework to create a previously unimagined solution through debate, ideation, and visualization.

ITERATE: Finally, you wrap up the day by designing a strategy to validate your create through a design, build, and adjust framework.   

“We normally don’t have outside speakers come to our Director meetings. However, Shawn’s philosophy on the “power of empathy” for unlocking creative potential was a “home-run”! Shawn’s insight that people follow leaders who “get them” had a powerful impact on all of us and really resonated with our team.”
— Paul Witkay Founder & CEO Alliance of Chief Executives